You want compounds that perform: the right elongation, compression set, heat and fluid resistance, durability and more. You want compounds that can be readily manufactured on your equipment. And you want the best possible relationship between price and performance.

Preferred can help four ways

We provide compound development and improvement services to customers. Our technical staff, which averages more than 15 years of compounding industry experience, is available to support you as you make your own products.

There are four primary ways customers work with our technical staff:

  • To reformulate a compound to reduce cost
  • To develop a compound to meet a new performance specification
  • When a key ingredient in your compound formula becomes unavailable
  • When a compound is or becomes difficult to manufacture

Actually, there’s a fifth way

There is one other critical technically excellent way we assist customers: making consistent quality a priority for every compound we make. For highly-engineered compounds, we’ve developed a track record of delivering to spec batch after batch.

As a result, our return rate is less than 0.5 percent.

Manufacturing support

Even if your technical staff develops and manages highly-engineered formulas, we can assist in resolving any manufacturing issues that might arise with compounds we’ve mixed.

On request, members of our product development and manufacturing teams will go to customer operations to assist in diagnosing issues.

Development activities

  • Compound development
  • Compound performance improvement analysis, recommendations and formulation
  • Material substitution for lower cost
  • Material substitution due to obsolescence

Customers say…

“When I needed a new supplier, I gave Preferred the specifications for over 30 compounds, from natural rubber to FKM. They developed, tested and delivered all of them in less than 60 days.”

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