We perform, you achieve.

This can involve any aspect of our compound supply relationship.

We can provide development resources to reduce the cost and improve the performance and manufacturability of your compounds. Or adjust delivery dates and batch sizes to match your schedule. Or arrange material sourcing that removes uncertainty from your supply chain.

Or all, more or none. Its your call.

Thinking, working, asking

However you want to do business with us, we’re always thinking of ways to do more for customers—and working to implement ones that work.

We’ll ask if you’d like to participate.

Of course, if you prefer to keep it simple and reliably receive high-quality compounds delivered to your spec and schedule, we’re happy to give you less to worry about.

Should you need assistance

When customers request assistance, we respond as a company. If appropriate, people from every part of Preferred will apply the resources required to get you back on track.

Lead times

With production facilities in strategic locations east of the Rockies and in Mexico, we can serve most locations on a just-in-time basis.

Our lead times vary from overnight to 10 days, depending on the compound, order size and our existing relationship.

Tell us what you need and we will tell you if we can make it work. Our on-time delivery rate is greater than 99.5%

Customers say…

“Preferred’s lead times are not just short. More importantly, they are predictable. I order the same day each week, my truck shows up, and the product is always ready.”

Extruder in Ontario

Facilities and capabilities

  • Five manufacturing sites
  • 16 mixers capable of producing practically every type of compound
  • Separate color and black units
  • Annual capacity of more than 140 million pounds running three shifts five days a week
  • Dual sourcing with single preferred supplier with in- and across-plants redundancy