If you work with rubber, you know you can never take compound quality for granted. Any variation in raw materials, temperature, humidity, mix methods, processing time and other factors can affect the durability, performance and manufacturability of a compound. This is why you want to work with a compounder whose highest priority is reliably consistent quality. Like Preferred.

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MixLoc Quality Program

A pledge to perform on materials, controls, testing, metrics and problem solving. A commitment to 100 percent prime materials with no substitutions. 24/7 access to quality data on your compounds through the MixLoc portal. It’s all part of Preferred Compounding’s MixLoc rubber compounding quality program. Get the details and see sample screens.

Rubber compunding quality data portal MixLoc.

The Compounder's Pledge

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by this pledge, which is on every price quote from Preferred and applies to every rubber compound we mix.

All materials used in this compound are 100% prime, first quality materials with valid CofA’s from the manufacturer.
Materials will not be changed or substituted without the permission of the customer, regardless of who owns the recipe.
For all customer owned formulations, a copy of the recipe, generated from our control software, is available at any time.
Our facilities are open to audit by customers at any time to verify these statements.

Preferred quality factors

  • Compound controls
  • Mix procedures and controls
  • Lot traceability
  • Prime materials only
  • No substitutions without customer notification
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Return rate less than 0.5%

ISO 9001:2015 with Design

ISO 9001

The quality management system at every Preferred Compounding facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified with Design.

Equipment that produces the quality you specify

Our twelve mixers allow us to produce nearly every compound our customers specify. Combined with our mix and compounding control systems—plus supporting equipment like gear pump strainers—we can produce the quality you need to meet your customer requirements.

People and methods matter

Producing consistent compounds calls for more than just good equipment. You also need the right people with the right objectives doing the right things.

From order to delivery, we follow proven good methods. We also regularly evaluate and improve our systems and procedures.

And just as we’ve invested in the right equipment, we’ve also invested in and trained the right people. People who know their performance on every compound is part of a team effort that helps you achieve your objectives.

100% prime materials only

Consistent quality from Preferred starts with 100 percent prime materials. We insist on consistency from our suppliers and never substitute anything in your compound without your knowledge and full agreement. Ever.

We also barcode every ingredient in our facilities. Our computerized mixing systems display each recipe and have built-in safeguards to ensure the right materials are selected every time.

Testing in every plant

Every Preferred facility has active production testing capabilities.

Customers say…

“With Preferred, I never have to worry.
I can count on their compounds meeting my requirements from one order to the next, month after month and year after year.”

Automotive parts manufacturer, Ohio