Today, your custom compounding supplier must deliver on a range of factors that improve your competitiveness, productivity and profitability. Getting you quality product on time is just the start.

As a Preferred customer, you’ll quickly see we focus on five value drivers: consistent compound quality; deep technical resources at every step (including on your site); the ability to produce practically every compound and polymer base type you require; motivated service and a focus on producing value through our overall business relationship.

Getting more value

Our goal is to be the best overall value custom compounder.

How? We can reduce the cost or improve the manufacturability of your compound. We can work with you on raw material sourcing, delivery schedules, price guarantees and more. We’ll even run compounding operations in your facility when that makes sense for your business.

We are and will be competitive. We just don’t compromise value—yours or ours—to get there.

Challenge us

Ask us how working with Preferred can improve the value of your compound supply chain. We’re ready.