BARBERTON, OHIO – Preferred Compounding has doubled capacity at its plant in Huntingdon, Tennessee, to meet increased demand for its high-quality custom compounds. This is the third major plant expansion in three years for the company, which is now the second largest custom compounder in North America.

A Farrel F-270 Tangential variable speed mixer began operation in Huntingdon February 1st, the second F-270 at the plant. A new inline gear pump strainer will come online early in the second quarter.

“The expansion in Tennessee helps us meet current demand and prepare for our next level of domestic growth as well as provide on-site redundant capacity for black compounds,” said Ken Bloom, president and CEO. “We’ve been highly utilized on existing equipment in Huntingdon so this new mixer is timely.”

In addition to Tennessee, Preferred serves customers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico from rubber compounding operations in Georgia, Ohio and San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Color compounds are mixed in Ohio and Georgia.

Preferred commissioned one Farrell F-270 in San Luis Potosi in 2013. In 2015 at the same plant, the company brought online a second Farrel F-270 and an inline gear pump strainer.

All F-270 mixers at Preferred plants utilize Mesabi Mix Vision as the common production control platform. All locations are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and implement the company’s MixLoc™ quality program with 24/7 customer access to compound data.

“We never change a compound or move its production site without customer approval as stated in the Compounder’s Pledge we publish on our website,” Bloom said. “At the same time, consistency across operations means whenever requested or necessary we can readily and reliably make the same compound for a customer at different locations.”

The Huntingdon plant serves customers in a variety of high-value end use markets including the non-tire automotive sector, wire and cable and general industrial applications, Bloom said. Preferred has been steadily increasing employment at the plant.

The new inline gear pump strainer in Tennessee will be the sixth in the company. A sparsely used #11 master batch line at the plant has been retired.

About Preferred Compounding

Preferred Compounding supplies proprietary and custom mixed rubber compounds to customers including molders, extruders, mixers and others in the rubber goods market. Primary industries served are automotive, construction, power generation and roll goods. Plants are in Tallapoosa, Georgia, Huntingdon, Tennessee, San Luis Potosi, Mexico and Barberton, Ohio, which is also company headquarters. Preferred is a portfolio company of Audax Private Equity.