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The MixLoc Quality Program delivers on our pledge to our customers to perform on materials, controls, testing, metrics, problem solving and more. When your compounds perform as expected, you can be more productive and efficient. And with the MixLoc Portal (example screens above), you can see current and historical quality and production data for your compounds anytime.

Challenging compound quality assumptions

Rubber compound quality has long been considered a black art. We’re challenging this assumption three ways with MixLoc:

  • By defining nine distinct and controllable process steps to achieve consistent quality.
  • By regularly sharing with customers specific data outputs for MixLoc compounds.
  • Third, for each new MixLoc compound we develop, precisely defining a development sequence leading to a fully locked-down compound.

100% prime materials with no substitutions

MixLoc builds on our commitment to 100 percent prime materials with no substitutions and to excellence in lot traceability, investigating and monitoring supplier qualifications, process automation and more.

Access compound data anytime

With Preferred’s MixLoc compound quality web portal, you can access quality data on your compounds securely any time. For a live demo or to get in the program, contact your Preferred representative.

The nine MixLoc control areas

  • Recipe control
  • Off-line weighment
  • Belt weighment
  • Mixing
  • Millwork
  • Packaging
  • Laboratory testing
  • Metrics
  • Continuous improvement

MixLoc and Open Compounding

The MixLoc program and web portal are a natural extension of our collaborative approach to customer relationships.

For more information on MixLoc

Contact your Preferred representative or Marc Pignataro, Vice President of Sales and Business Development.