Preferred-MixLoc-announcement-adBARBERTON, OHIO – Value-added custom mixer Preferred Compounding is introducing a new branded program to further increase compound consistency and the availability of production data for customers.

The MixLoc program has three parts: a focus on nine key controllable process steps in compounding, regularly sharing detailed compounding data with customers and for every custom compound precisely defining a development sequence leading to increased consistency.

“MixLoc is about creating advantages for our customers by delivering the most consistent quality in the industry,” said Preferred Compounding Chief Executive Officer Ken Bloom. “It’s a performance pledge to customers on materials, controls, testing, metrics and problem solving.”

“When your compounds perform as expected, you can be more productive and efficient.”

Communicating production data to customers is as important as meeting quality targets, Bloom said. MixLoc outputs for customers include recipe sign-offs for customer-owned formulas, mix time and rheology control limits and batch-to-batch data, specification sign-offs for all key parameters and non-conformance data by compound and customer.

“Quality is created day in and day out,” said Bloom. “Transparency enables us to quickly identify issues and causes and take additional steps to lock in compound consistency.”

MixLoc is being rolled out at all four Preferred mixing locations: Barberton, Ohio; Tallapoosa, Georgia; Huntingdon, Tennessee and San Luis Potosi, Mexico. MixLoc procedures and internal controls assure customers the same level of consistent quality no matter which plant makes a compound.

“MixLoc is a specific roadmap beginning with lab batch and ending with manufacturing gates on key process variables to heighten precision and repeatability,” he said.

The program builds on Preferred’s existing commitment to 100 percent prime materials, no substitutions, lot traceability, investigating and monitoring supplier qualifications, process automation and other factors.

Testing steps include gates established for all key criteria, pass/fail for each batch, data capture for statistical process control analysis and regular periodic in-depth testing. The company has testing facilities and staff at all locations.

Preferred’s focus since 2006 has been sales growth by delivering consistent quality custom compounds and value-added services for customers, Bloom said. By continuing to invest in process improvement even during the recent economic downturn, the company has been adding new customers and increasing sales.

For more information on MixLoc, contact your Preferred representative or Joe Hudson, vice president of sales and business development, at or 330.798.4960.