Glo-Mold – In-place mold cleaning compound

What is GloMoldPlus?

GloMoldPlus is the unique, patented rubber compound for in-place mold cleaning. Using GloMoldPlus ELIMINATES OR REDUCES typical problems and hidden costs of conventional mold cleaning techniques.

GloMoldPlus is a fully accelerated rubber compound that is fabricated basically in the same fashion as the production stock. It is used as preventative maintenance, cleaning the mold before it gets too dirty or fouled.

The Preferred Mold Maintenance Compound

  • Minimize press downtime
  • Minimize excessive labor in mold handling
  • Reduce mold damage or abrasion
  • Reduce delays due to scheduling of cleaning equipment
  • Reduce number of rejects due to defects or poor surface appearance
  • Reduce heat transfer loss

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GloMoldPlus Product Selection Guide

Product Standard Low Temp High Temp High Tear Low Mooney Non-Curing
Color Yellow Red Orange Green Blue Lavender
Temp/Cure Time Low 345deg/13min 275deg/20min 385deg/5min 345deg/13min 345deg/13min 160deg
High 380deg/8min 340deg/14min 450deg/1min 380deg/8min 380deg/8min 400deg
Specific Gravity g/cm3 1.13 1.13 1.13 1.14 1.28 1.13
Tensile Strength psi 1220 1220 750 1290 740 N/A
300% Modulus psi 150 150 670 110 650 N/A
Elongation % 720 720 270 810 310 N/A
Hardness Shore A 46 46 55 43 56 N/A
Tear Strength ppi 111 111 49 178 69 N/A