For initial inquiries on sourcing compounds from Preferred Compounding, contact Marc Pignataro, Vice President of Sales and Business Development.

Marc Pignataro
Marc PignataroVice President Sales and Business Development
Bryan Eaves
Bryan EavesRegional Sales Manager Midsouth Region
David Garcia
David GarciaSales Director - Latin America and Southwest Region USA
John Janci
John JanciRegional Sales Manager North Region
Michael Szymborski
Michael SzymborskiRegional Sales Manager Midwest Region

Sales Support Team

Gerardo Ruelas
Gerardo RuelasSales Manager
Joey Cooley
Joey CooleySales Support Manager
Office 770.574.2321 ext. 2201
Michelle Seladoki
Michelle SeladokiCustomer Service
Hope Williams
Hope WilliamsCustomer Service
Jan Ruffalo
Jan RuffaloCustomer Service
Nubia Cruz
Nubia CruzCustomer Service
Jéssica Anahi Angeles Gómez
Jéssica Anahi Angeles GómezCustomer Service
Elizabeth Biggart
Elizabeth BiggartCustomer Service