Polyisoprene is a synthetic rubber engineered to have similar structure and properties as natural rubber.

Synthetic rubber properties

Shared properties of natural rubber and synthetic polyisoprene rubber include resilience, low hysteresis, low rolling resistance and high fatigue resistance. Both show poor resistance to oil, sunlight and ozone and have limited thermal capability.

The benefits of compounding with synthetic natural rubber include consistency, low impurities, improved manufacturability and cost.

Polyisoprene rubber applications

Uses for synthetic natural rubber include tires, automotive mounts, shock absorbers, gaskets, sporting goods, adhesives, coatings and healthcare items.

Because natural rubber and synthetic isoprene/polyisoprene IR are closely related and easily confused, clarity is required in referring to and specifying each type to ensure your compounds match your needs and expectations.

Preferred can produce IR compounds in slab, strip and calendared.

Synthetic polyisoprene trade names

Polyisoprene suppliers provide many grades for different applications. Synthetic IR trade names and manufacturers include:

  • Natsyn from Goodyear Chemical
  • Isogrip from Karbochem
  • SKI from Nizhnekamskneftekhim, Inc.
  • SynthezKauchuk SKI
  • Nipol™ IR from Zeon Corporation.

Other synthetic polyisoprene suppliers include JSR Corporation, Togliatti and Sibur Holdings.

Fully supported custom rubber compounding

Preferred Compounding is a full service custom rubber compounder. As a Preferred customer/partner, you gain access to our comprehensive support resources.

Preferred’s technical services staff includes chemists with decades of experience. They formulate and optimize custom elastomeric compounds to achieve the desired field performance, manufacturability and cost for your compounds. Through the custom compounding recipe, we can engineer the extent and rate of curing, processing characteristics, final properties, performance and cost.

Thousands of compounding ingredients

We work with thousands of ingredients and compounding polymers and more than 100 rubber mixing and processing variables. We produce compounded elastomers in strips, slabs, pellets and calendered sheet. We also provide filtering by gear-pump straining.

For more information

If you would like assistance determining the right formulation for your rubber application or on improving the performance and cost of your current recipe, please contact any Preferred Compounding sales representative or Marc Pignataro by E-mail or at 330.798.4960.