Rubber compounds mixed with hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber and highly saturated nitrile (HSN) rubber are known for strength and retention of properties after exposure to heat, oil, weathering and many industrial chemicals. HNBR delivers resistance to oil, gas and steam that is superior to standard nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) and other polymers.

HNBR properties

HNBR can be used from -40° to 165°C with minimal degradation over long periods. These improved properties in HNBR rubber result from hydrogenating NBR to increase the butadiene saturation of the carbon polymer foundation.

HNBR typically has poor electrical and flame resistance. It is also attacked by aromatic oils and polar organic solvents.

Hydrogenated nitrile rubber applications

Applications for HNBR include automotive seals, hoses and synchronous timing belts; seals and other components for manufacturing and oil field exploration; roller coverings for steel and paper mills and other situations calling for a high performance elastomeric compound.

Compounding HNBR successfully requires excellent control of the manufacturing process. Preferred can produce HNBR compounds in sheets, slab, strip and calendared.

HNBR trade names

Suppliers offer a number of HNBR varieties for compounding to meet specific needs. Preferred can assist you in determining the right recipe for your manufacturing environment and performance requirements.

  • Zeon Corporation provides Zetpol® HNBR in high and medium ACN standard grades, easy processing and low temperature versions plus abrasion-resistant Zeoforte ZSC. High ACN grades include Zetpol 0020, 1000L, 1010, 1020 and 1020l. Medium ACN grades include 2000, 2000L, 2010, 2010H, 2010L, 2011L, 2020, 2020L, 2030H and 2030L. Easy processing Zetpol grades include 0020EP, 1010EP, 1020EP, 2000EP, 2010EP, 2020EP, 2030EP, 3310EP, 4300EP and 4310EP. Low temperature grades include Zetpol HNBR 3310, 4300 and 4310.
  • ARLANXEO provides Therban™ HNBR in several formulations, including fully saturated Therban A, partially saturated Therban B and Therban C, low viscosity Therban AT, low temperature Therban LT, heat resistant Therban HT, carboxylated Therban XT and acrylate reinforced.

Fully supported custom rubber compounding

Preferred Compounding is a full service custom rubber compounder. As a Preferred customer/partner, you gain access to our comprehensive support resources.

Preferred’s technical services staff includes chemists with decades of experience. They formulate and optimize custom elastomeric compounds to achieve the desired field performance, manufacturability and cost for your compounds. Through the custom compounding recipe, we can engineer the extent and rate of curing, processing characteristics, final properties, performance and cost.

Thousands of compounding ingredients

We work with thousands of ingredients and compounding polymers and more than 100 rubber mixing and processing variables. We produce compounded elastomers in strips, slabs, pellets and calendered sheet. We also provide filtering by gear-pump straining.

For more information

If you would like assistance determining the right formulation for your rubber application or on improving the performance and cost of your current recipe, please contact any Preferred Compounding sales representative or Marc Pignataro by E-mail or at 330.798.4960.