Preferred creates a wide variety of custom rubber compounds from high-performance fluoroelastomer (FKM and FEPM) and perfluoroelastomers (FFKM). Also known as fluoro rubber, fluoroelastomer and perfluoroelastomer offer extreme high temperature performance and resist a variety of acids and fluids along with ozone and weather. They have very good compression set and fuel resistance.

FKM, FFKM and FEPM rubber properties

FKM and FFKM have poor resistance to phosphate esters and ketones and poor low temperature capabilities. Successfully compounding FKM requires excellent control of the manufacturing process. Preferred produces FKM, FFKM and FEPM compounds in sheets, slab, strip and calendared and can help you engineer the right mix for your application.

Fluoroelastomer and perfluoroelastomer compound uses

Uses for fluoroelastomer and perfluoroelastomer compounds include high temperature and acid resistant seals, oil resistant gaskets, offshore seals, fuel-resistant cable jackets and temperature-resistant seals, gaskets, O-rings, tubes and more.

Transportation applications include seals, gaskets, and hoses used in fuel systems, air intake systems, turbocharger systems, and engines or transmissions. Industrial uses include seals and other components used in chemical processing equipment, utility expansion joints, and roller covers.

Fluoro rubber trade names

Polymer manufacturers offer a variety of grades of FKM and FFKM to meet specific end-use and processing needs. These differences are often in specific chemical resistance and mechanical properties. Preferred can help you determine which brand and grade is best for your application.

Trade names for fluoroelastomers include:

  • Viton® from The Chemours Company
  • Kalrez® from DuPont
  • Dyneon™ from 3M Company
  • Dupra™ and Dai-El from Daikin Industries, Inc.
  • Levatherm™ from ARLANXEO
  • Technoflon™ from Solvay Specialty Polymers
  • Dowhon FKM from Chengdu Tao Hong Industrial Co. Ltd.

Fully supported custom rubber compounding

Preferred Compounding is a full service custom rubber compounder. As a Preferred customer/partner, you gain access to our comprehensive support resources.

Preferred’s technical services staff includes chemists with decades of experience. They formulate and optimize custom elastomeric compounds to achieve the desired field performance, manufacturability and cost for your compounds. Through the custom compounding recipe, we can engineer the extent and rate of curing, processing characteristics, final properties, performance and cost.

Thousands of compounding ingredients

We work with thousands of ingredients and compounding polymers and more than 100 rubber mixing and processing variables. We produce compounded elastomers in strips, slabs, pellets and calendered sheet. We also provide filtering by gear-pump straining.

For more information

If you would like assistance determining the right formulation for your rubber application or on improving the performance and cost of your current recipe, please contact any Preferred Compounding sales representative or Marc Pignataro by E-mail or at 330.798.4960.