You want rubber compounds that can be reliably manufactured into products that meet your physical and performance requirements. And you want rock-solid compound supply and support.

We do that.

At Preferred, we work with more than 10,000 compounding polymers and additives and 100 mixing and processing variables. We control these to produce the custom rubber mixing results you want, how you want them and when you want them.

One other thing: we always use 100 percent prime materials. It is the only way to consistently produce high-quality compounds.

Sourcing elastomeric compounding materials worldwide

With Preferred, your elastomeric compound can be formulated from practically any available natural rubber or synthetic rubber polymer grade or variety. It begins with, but is not limited to, the primary compounding polymers.

We research, evaluate and buy these ingredients—polymers, fillers, additives, tackifiers, colorants and more—globally: from polymer suppliers in North America, Europe, South America, Asia and other regions.

Our extensive supply relationships ensure we can produce your compounds consistently to your spec and delivery schedules. And it means, combined with our technical resources, that we can find and test replacements when one of your raw materials is discontinued or availability is disrupted.

Engineering performance through rubber mixing

If you have a proven recipe, you want your compounder to give you consistent results and assured supply at a fair price. If you know how you want your product to perform, you want your compounder to deliver expert formulation and development resources.

We do both.

We mix rubber for extruders, injection, transfer and compression molders and applications where rubber is used as an adhesive or fabricated into parts with other materials. We supply can compounds in strips, slabs, pellets or sheets, in black or colors and calendered or filtered by gear-pump straining.