Rubber Compounding Development and Improvement Team

Rubber Compounding Development and Improvement Team 2017-01-20T11:28:56+00:00
Randy Niedermier
Randy NiedermierVice President Technical
Jody Taylor
Jody TaylorDevelopment Chemist
Steve Ahl
Steve AhlDevelopment Chemist
Milun Dragutinovic
Milun DragutinovicDevelopment Chemist
Greg Cleveland
Greg ClevelandDevelopment Chemist
Steve Quarles
Steve QuarlesDevelopment Chemist
Office 770.574.2321 ext. 2208
Scott Wyatt
Scott WyattDevelopment Chemist
Office 731.986.2271 ext. 4210
Kyle Hug
Kyle HugDevelopment Chemist
Matt Brewer
Matt BrewerDevelopment Chemist
Office 770.574.2321 ext. 2224
Dustin Trummer
Dustin TrummerDevelopment Chemist
Office 330.798.4790 ext. 1242
Jeff Branham
Jeff BranhamField Service Technician/Development Chemist
Alejandro Martinez
Alejandro MartinezPlant Chemist
Don Burkholder
Don BurkholderDirector, Corporate Labs
Gerardo Rodríguez Vázquez
Gerardo Rodríguez VázquezQuality Engineer
Pedro Aguilar
Pedro AguilarQuality Lab Manager

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